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RGIA offers you convenient parking facilities for your vehicles with having adequate capacity to cater more than 3000 vehicles in different zones.

Quality parking service is assured from car park operator and efficient integrated parking automation system is implemented for the quick entry and quick exit from the parking points.

The parking charges at our Airport are as follows:

    4 wheeler (Private Vehicles)

  • Rs.50.00 for first half-an-hour
  • Rs.100 for half an hour to one hour
  • Rs.150.00 for one hour to two hours
  • Rs.50.00 for each subsequent hour or part thereof
  • Rs.300.00 for 24 hours
  • 4 wheeler (Commercial Vehicles)

  • Rs. 200 for first one hour
  • Rs. 50 for each subsequent hour
  • Rs. 600 for every 24 hours
  • 2-Wheeler Parking

  • Rs. 30/- for first 2 hours
  • Rs.10/- for each subsequent hour or part thereof
  • Up to a maximum of Rs. 100/- per 24 hours
  • Coach Parking

  • Rs.200/- for first 2 hours
  • Rs.100/- for each subsequent hour or part thereof
  • Up to a maximum of Rs. 1000/- per 24 hours
  • Valet Service (At Departure level only)

    Valet service is now available 24X7. Valet service tariff is as follows

  • First 2 hrs – Rs. 300
  • 2 hrs – 24 hrs – Rs. 500
  • Up to 48 hrs – Rs. 900
  • Every Extra Day – Rs. 500 for every 24 hrs
  • Commercial Vehicle Rs. 750 for 00 to 24 hrs
  • Multiday Parking (For Private Vehicles)

  • Rs. 300/ 24 hours, for the subsequent day, hourly charges applicable but not exceeding Rs. 200/- for the entire day.
  • Special Parking Charges for Go Karting Customers

  • Car Parking charges - Rs.50/- for first 4 hours
  • Telephone:

  • Car Park : +91 40 66604210
  • Charges for loss of parking ticket

  • Two wheeler - Rs.150
  • Four wheeler (Private Vehicle) - Rs.350
  • Four wheeler (Commercial Vehicle) - Rs.650
  • Coaches - Rs.1050
  • Parking restrictions on the Arrival and Departure ramps

    Arrival: Private cars/Government vehicle for 90-second duration (free parking). No Mini bus/ Bus/ Heavy vehicle/ yellow plate Taxi/ two-wheeler allowed at arrival ramp.

    Departure: All cars/ Taxi allowed for dropping the passengers/ visitors but no pick up from departure. No Mini bus/Bus/ Heavy vehicle/two wheeler Allowed at Departure.

    All cars / Taxi can use new Pick up point at Level C for pickup the passenger but no parking at that point.

    VIP Parking: For all central /state ministers, MP, MLA, high government official, foreign official delegation, Army/Police official and VIP/VVIP of Protocol department etc.

    No Auto Rickshaws are allowed at all the levels.