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Airport Procedure @ HYDERABAD AIRPORT

Airport Procedures

The flight ticket by itself won’t be enough for you to board the plane. You need a boarding pass for that and Check-in is the process that is going to produce it. It includes your seat numbers, departure times and gates.

The check-in process is split into three parts:

  • The actual check-in: You should provide confirmation to the airline that you are intending to board the flight.
  • Handing down your luggage to the ground handling staff. The baggage will be tagged and sent. The next time you are going to see them will be after reaching your destination.
  • Last but not the least, grab your boarding pass and get ready for the security check.
  • Security Check

  • Present yourself for the security check. You’ll be frisked as part of the procedure. Keep your ID along with your boarding pass throughout the process.
  • Place your carry-on baggage along with metallic objects and electronic items in the tray assigned for electronic screening
  • In case of having a metallic unit in your body (for medical purposes ex: pacemaker, artificial joint) keep a doctor’s certificate in hand for the same.
  • Go to the end of baggage screening, claim your possessions and effects. If it’s a domestic flight, proceed into the “airside” terminal. In case of an international flight, proceed towards Immigration and Customs controls.
  • Immigration and Customs

    If you are booked on an international flight, you may be subjected to an Immigration and Customs check for both during Departures and Arrivals.

  • Carry your ID, Passport, Visa and other related travel documents with you when you present yourself for the check. State the reason for your trip.
  • Check beforehand to make sure that you are not carrying banned items with you by consulting with the airline staff ( Exotic pets, food and plant items, Items for which import/export duty has to be paid like alcohol, etc are usually not allowed to reduce the risk of spreading infections ).
  • The amount of money you can carry in hand during domestic/international flight travel is strictly regulated by the apex monetary authority of the country. It is prudent to check that limit and carry money accordingly (Also some countries have a rule on having some local currency on arrival like Thailand for example. So it is wise to check up on that in advance).Remember, in some countries merely showing up with customs banned substances can result in prosecution. So thoroughly read the related guidelines before embarking on your journey.