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City Tour

Top Places To Visit:


Commissioned by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah to commemorate the end of the plague, and completed in the dying years of the 16th century, the Charminar is many things to many people - an instantly recognizable landmark for out-of-towners, a handy half-second establishing shot for filmmakers, a supremely convenient logo for everyone from municipal corporations to cigarette manufacturers


Golconda is more than just the Fort; it's a little city in itself. Enter the huge iron gates, rusted in place for centuries, and you'll discover a community with its own schools, cafes and wedding halls. This was, after all, the original kingdom before Hyderabad. The popular Sound & Light Show, takes you through an era of royalty, espionage and romance.

Salarjung Museum

Spread over 10 acres and 4 floors, and with close to 40,000 exhibits, the museum is a collection of various artifacts gathered by Nawab Turab Ali Khan, popularly known as Salar Jung I, the diwan of the Hyderabad State, and his descendants, with the collection of Salar Jung III alias Mir Yousuf Ali Khan forming the major chunk of the art pieces on display.


A tale told in brick-red, potter's clay and thatch. Shilparamam is the arts and crafts cultural village in Hyderabad. Artists from all over India showcase their art work here. Set amidst lush rustic ambience, Shilparamam is a kaleidoscope of India's diverse art forms..

Birla Mandir

One of Hyderabad's most popular temples, the Birla Mandir was built in 1976, and is young, fashionably clean, made of 100% pristine and super-smooth marble, and surrounded by neat little rose gardens and manicured lawns. The materialistic connotations of its nomenclature notwithstanding, devotees throng here day in and day out, elders and toothless babies in tow.